Company Introduction

Hung Jou Technology was established in 2010,
our corporate core value is – to provide professional, innovative and responsible attitude to support repairing and improving parts to semiconductor, optoelectronics and other related industries. Hung Jou Technology is dedicated to provide quality services and solution to our customers. In terms of committing corporate core values, we strive to keep enhancing our professional management model and mutual understanding to achieve customer satisfaction. In this rapid changing industry, there are many enterprise models without simplified formula. We are inclined to take action first then create a new solution based on data and information collection and repetitively gathering evidences to proof that solution, by executing a decisive plan to enhance efficiency and to reduce uncertainties. To be continuously flourishing in the business, we have set short term, medium term and long term goals for ourselves by maintaining a balance in vast and far vision and detailed short term project execution. By doing so, we can achieve victory in short term while exhibiting our far reaching ideal in a practical way. Only by keeping substantially challenging ourselves, we create values for the company. Since the establishment of Hong Jou, we have been pursuing our customers’ footsteps; we groom our enterprise in an upright, honest and fulfilling promises image. We hope to be an elite and eminent in the industry by progressing to the vision to develop ourselves continuously.